Idalgo's offspring


You may see personal Idalgo's web-site and his offspring -

Idalgo's pedigree career began in 1998. Idalgo showed himself like producer, who transmites his type not only to his children, but also to grandchildren and great-grandsons. His progeny from different origins bitches is always well recognizable.

Idalgo was used by breeding kennels: Aivengo, Ice Tinsel, Akvilon, Alibi Box, Almera'S, Bienvenue, Vanbox, Goldbox, Della Monte Clio, Land Grape, Nizhegorodskaya Legenda, Nikink-Var-Hard, iz Tsarstva Zolotogo Orla, Rus Elodser, Hag-Ir, Elmonte'S and etc. Idalgo's progeny used abroad also .

Children of Idalgo many times won prestige shows.

The majority of dogs of our kennel has in the pedigree a magnificent dog - Idalgo del Tiglio D'Oro.

We express gratitude to a family of Diesperovyh that Idalgo was, now is and will be with us through descendants. Thanks...